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Site Updates

Annnnd... I'm Back!

New Affiliate Plug: Star Drops Star Drops Star Drops Star Drops | Icon From: Dorkistic

I do apologize for the extended downtime. I made the new layout and then I looked at the site page by page, and well I wasn't too happy. What was supposed to only be a week long layout change turned into an extensive almost month long re-vamp of the entire site. I changed the way some things are layed out, and removed some things as well. The biggest change would have to be the icons and icon bases, they now list what series, band, etc, they are from underneath them. I got the idea from Sasha over on Dream Foretress. I think it's overall cleaner and besides, the old script to display my icons was just not to my liking.

I've added up a lot of content over the months I've been away and I finally uploaded it all. There is more to come too! Especially with viewing the results of the survey, I should get to coding more layout designs for you guys! I really didn't expect them to be that popular, but the audience wants what the audience wants and I shall bring more to the table! When I looked back, I noticed I forgot to add in Wallpapers and Mobile Wallpapers into the poll, so if anyone is really interested in those, I can whip up more!

Life wise, I FINALLY got my Driver's License after what seems like forever. I've always lived on the bus line so I've never really had a need for it until very recently (especially since my job requires I have it). I decided to take it a step further and enroll in a program that will help me get my Commercial Driver's License which will allow me to drive for the local city bus. I start training on Thursday and it's an extensive 7-week long course.

As always, the new content is under the read more!