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Adding Disqus to CuteNews

Step One

First you want to create your Disqus account if you do not already have one. You can do this by going to https://disqus.com/profile/signup/. After you have completed all the necessary steps, you should get to your home page which should look like this.

Step Two

On the main navigation bar, you want to click the “Admin” button. Which will lead you to a page like this. Now, on the main navigation of this page you’ll want to find “Your Sites” and click that. In the dropdown menu, you’ll want to click “+ New”. This will lead you to another page. Enter your information pertaining to your site.

Step Three

After creating your site, you’ll be lead back to your Admin page. At the bottom, you’ll want to find a link that says “Installing Disqus”. After you click that link you’ll be lead to a page that lists a bunch of platforms that you can install Disqus. Ours is not listed, so we want to scroll to the bottom and click where it says “I don’t see my platform listed, install manually with Universal Code”. Click that link.

Step Four

Now you’ll be lead to a page that has a few codes. This is what we want. For now we just want the part of the code that is surrounded in script tags.

Step Five

Next you want to login to your CuteNews Admin Control Panel. Next, find HTML scripts and click that.

Step Six

Remember the code in the script tags we copied? Paste that code into the box and hit “Save changes”!

Step Seven

Now remember the part of the Disqus code we didn’t copy? We need that now. This part is entirely up to you. Now you need to choose where you want the Disqus comments to appear in your templates. I chose the “Full Story” template. Be sure to hit save!

Step Eight

Now you want to go back to the main page of your CuteNews control panel. Now click “Intergration wizard”. This will lead you to the Intergration wizard. Choose your settings, or you can choose the ones I picked out if you’d like. All this is saying is: We want to display 1 News entry per page, which template you want to use for the news, and which category to pull from.

Step Nine

Next you’ll want to open the page where you want your news to be shown. For instance index.php. Paste the output text you got from the Intergration wizard. Now to call the script we pasted in the earlier step, add the two highlighted codes into your PHP code. Be sure to change the destination for your CMS Control Panel to match yours. In your intergration code beside the first instance of “include” would be your CMS Control Panel destination.

Step Ten

If you’ve done it correctly, navigate to a news post and you should see your Disqus commenting system up and running!