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Heart Station is a graphic site that offers high quality graphics in the form of icons, wallpapers, Facebook and Twitter headers. Downloadable templates, tutorials, icon bases, and PSDs are also provided by Heart Station for its visitors that would like to create their own content too.

Heart Station was originally registered in late 2009. Heart Station eventually closed down in 2010 when the domain name expired. Heart Station was re-purchased and revitalized on May 22nd, 2016. Heart Station officially re-opened to the public on June 12th, 2016 through Namecheap.

Site Name: Heart Station
Registered: Originally registered in late 2009, re-registered on May 22, 2016.
Opened: June 12th, 2016
Host: Namecheap

About the Owner

Name: Nicholas
Gender: Male (shocker right?)
Nicknames: Nick, Mireu, Xiao, kissmyseoul, affections, tokyodrift
Email: mireu[at]heart-statiion.net
Birthday: April 1, 1994
Favorite Color(s): Green, Purple
Location: USA
Likes: Pokemon, Graphic Design, Web Design, osu!, League of Legends, Overwatch, K-pop, J-pop, Collecting CDs, Iced Coffee
Dislikes: Liars, Waking up early, Cliffhangers
Favorite K-Dramas: Reply 1997, The Lovers, Dream High
Online Places: Last.fm The PokéCommunity Forums

Favorite Idols/Artists

Here is a list of my favorite members in idol groups as well as soloists. The ones underlined are my biases or soloists I highly prefer. This list is probably missing a lot, so overtime it will be editied.

  • 2NE1: Park Bom
  • 2PM: Jun.K, Junho
  • After School: NaNa
  • B1A4: Baro
  • Bangtan Boys: Jimin, Rap Monster
  • BEAST: Dongwoon
  • Block B: Zico
  • Boys’ Republic: Minsu
  • Brown Eyed Girls: GaIn
  • EXO-K: Chanyeol
  • EXO-M: Lay, Chen
  • f(x): Luna, Victoria
  • GOT7: All of them.
  • Girls’ Generation: Tiffany
  • Infinite: L, but I love them all.
  • JYJ: Jaejoong, Junsu
  • MBLAQ: Mir (previously Lee Joon)
  • miss A: Jia
  • Monsta X: Wonho
  • NU’EST: Aron, Minhyun
  • Red Velvet: Irene
  • SHINee: Minho, Jonghyun
  • Shinhwa: Minwoo
  • Sistar: Hyorin
  • Super Junior: Leeteuk
  • TVXQ: Changmin
  • Teen Top: L.Joe, C.A.P
  • U-Kiss: Hoon
  • Wonder Girls: Yenny, but I love them all.
  • VIXX: Leo
  • Soloists: Koda Kumi, Miliyah Kato, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, BENI, JASMINE, Jay Park, KOTOKO, Seo In-guk, Jung Joon Young, Ai Otsuka, Utada Hikaru, MIYAVI, Jin Akanishi, BoA, HyunA

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