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Sorry for my absence

Hey all, I do apologize for my lack of updates throughout April. It’s been a really rocky road this month. I celebrated my 23rd birthday on April 1st. It was very fun and I spent it with a few friends, we decided to go to the amusement park and spend the day. After that, I started my training to drive the school bus and I just recently finished that up. There are a few things I do want to address regarding the site:
– The icon pages has been down for quite some time. I haven’t been able to find a way to display them how I want, so I’m going back to re-adding them to how they were prior to the WordPress conversion. I really do apologize for that.
– Secondly, the Disqus comment threads have not been showing up, thus not allowing anyone to comment on the posts. I’m currently looking for a fix for that. I might have to revert back to the default WordPress comments for a while until I can figure out what’s going on.
– Third, I have been hard at work on a new design for the site. I won’t give much away, but I did try something a bit different in terms of design and did a bit more digging on how WordPress works.
– Lastly, I have a few requests that I have almost done, just getting the coding right is the hard part. I hope to get these done within the next few days.

I hope you all had a wonderful April and here’s to an even better May! Until then, I’ll see you guys soon <3

  • Mireu